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Welcome to my web office, and thank you for stopping by. Whether you’re a new reader or an old friend, a prospective editor or just an accidental visitor, please linger and allow me to guide you on a brief tour.

But first, perhaps I should satisfy your curiosity about the strange looking work clothes and the unconventional writing environment?

As a professional freelance writer, my essays, feature articles and columns delve into a variety of non-fiction topics. A sizable portion of those works explore the exhilaration and frustration associated with “living history,” the simulation of daily life in a bygone era.

In order to garner a meaningful understanding of a forgotten lifestyle, the living historian’s journey back in time requires a careful replacement of “what is” with “what was.” Thus, when venturing into the wilderness classroom, be it modern or historical, my preferred outdoor garb is the linen, leather and woolen garments worn by the 18th-century backwoodsmen of the lower Great Lakes region.

But enough on living history, for now…


Under “Portfolio” you’ll find a representative sample of my scribblings, arranged by topic and accompanied by the original images:

Based on 18th-century documentation, the Traditional Black Powder Hunting feature series highlights an exciting outdoor adventure encountered in the unending and addictive quest to find answers to the haunting question: “What was it really like to live, hunt and survive in the Old Northwest Territory?”

The essays of The North-Forty Journal cover a broad spectrum of outdoor experiences on a southern Michigan farm. Many of the stories deal with the deep, personal relationships that exist between man, the land and the wildlife that inhabit the tilled fields, prairie fen and woodlot that border the River Raisin’s lush bottomland.

The fond memories, foggy impressions and sometimes painful life lessons associated with growing up and returning to a Midwestern small town inspire the writings that populate Small Town, Anywhere USA.”

And the Black Powder Shooting Sports articles showcase the competitive side of muzzleloading; the challenge of old-style marksmanship contests, the preservation of our rich American shooting traditions, the fascinating people and the family-oriented fun that surround this multifaceted sport.

For Readers

The “For Readers section presents a slightly different approach to the usual “About” biographical material. The brief musings offer regular readers a glimpse into my composition process and overall writing philosophy while answering frequently asked questions and attempting to address unexplainable idiosyncrasies.

Speaking & Seminars

In addition to writing, most professional, freelance writers also enjoy interacting with readers at speaking engagements, seminar presentations or focused-topic workshops. The Speaking & Seminar page outlines a brief listing of possible subjects, each tailored to the individual needs of civic, outdoor or library groups.

Please feel free to ramble and explore, and if you don’t make it back to camp by sunset, I’ll come looking for you…

Enjoy your visit to my web office, be safe and may God bless you,

Dennis Neely



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