Sharing Knowledge and Life Experiences

Showing a bullet mould to a guest at the Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Expo.As a professional free-lance writer, I look forward to meeting and talking with readers, fellow writers or folks who share a common interest in the topics my musings address. I especially enjoy sharing knowledge and life experiences through speaking engagements, seminars or personal appearances. Booking requests from outdoor organizations, hunting expos, sportsman and conservation clubs, writers groups, libraries, scout troops, youth groups church audiences and nature societies are welcomed, dependent on my writing schedule and prior commitments.

A wide variety of presentations are available, each custom tailored to the specific needs of the organization, whether your group’s request is for a lighthearted, after dinner speech, a first-person historical interpretation or to set up an educational, 1790-era hunting camp for a youth-day event. Depending on the facility and circumstances, each seminar or workshop is packed with practical information and accompanied by a thought-provoking, multi-media presentation that reinforces and illustrates the subject matter. And of course, ample time is allotted for questions and answers.

Custom Tailored Topics

“Living History Without Footnotes,” an after-dinner speech, “Exchanging ‘What Is’ for ‘What Was’,” a workshop for first-time traditional hunters, and “Enrolling in the Wilderness Classroom,” a seminar that centers on personal skill development, represent some of the many subjects from the Traditional Black Powder Hunting realm.

“Writing for Magazines and Newsletters,” “Journaling: The Seeds of Invention” and “Creating a Saleable Photo Package,” a workshop that focuses on using a point-and-shoot digital camera to illustrate a magazine submission, delve into the writing lifestyle and create high-energy enthusiasm for writing groups, library workshops and a wide range of outdoor organizations.

Sportsmen’s clubs, hunting expos, scout troops and banquet crowds enjoy “Oh, The Games We Play,” a multi-media look at the many facets of the Black Powder Shooting Sports; “’Be Safe,’ My Dad Said,” an after-dinner presentation that emphasizes the importance of parent child involvement in shooting education; and “Getting Started in the Black Powder Shooting Sports,” a one- or two-hour workshop that walks participants through purchasing, safe handling, loading and shooting a basic “Hawken-style” black powder rifle.

Sessions based on the stories contained in The North-Forty Journal, like “Leave Nothing But Footprints,” “Keeping a Nature Journal,” and “Introducing Grandchildren to Nature,” are favorites of nature societies, conservation clubs and youth groups.

And from the Small Town, Anywhere USA essays come: “The Seeds of Memoir: The Family Photo Album,” a workshop devoted to utilizing photo albums as a catalyst for writing a family’s history; “’The Dreaded File:’ Tales From the ‘Obituary Folder’,” a workshop that focuses on the reflective value of clipping obituaries and the life lessons learned from friends, acquaintances and strangers; and “Unorganized Baseball: the Never-Ending Game:” a reflection on “sand-lot baseball” in the 1960s and a brief comparison to today’s youth baseball programs.

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